This site is single-handedly made by a Siem Reap, Cambodia resident – a tech guy, an amateur photographer, a polyglot (I’m currently a septalingual), and a SONE (fan of Girls’ Generation). After all, this site hosts an awful lot of photos of Girls’ Generation 😉

You can find me on Facebook and Twitter. You can also reach me via mail here.

I am a tech guy with most of my background in networking. I am also quite fluent in Linux, with this site hosted on an old netbook running Ubuntu Server, plus some simple website coding, especially on this site. As a tech guy, I’m quite a gearhead as expected 😉 . You can expect some articles about tech and devices for sure.

Learning foreign languages is also my hobby, So far I know these languages: ភាសាខ្មែរ (native), français (standard), English (American), 한국어, Hochdeutsch, italiano, and русский. You can always practice any of these with me 😉

All parts of this website, apart from all the photos of Girls’ Generation (they’re taken by fansites), are my creations and must be credited as such.