7 comments on “Seohyun – 160715 Incheon Airport

  • It’s not all the time Seobaby flaunts her assets but dang~ when she flaunts it, she goes all out! I mean, look at that dress! So what are those assets?
    >milky white skin
    >slim ankle
    >slim arms
    >small waist
    basically everything about her is perfect~ (i just wanna list down – haha)

    and when we thought Seo won’t do what Taeng is doing (u know, the see-through :D) well, think again! showy but still respectable.. not visible on a naked eye.. you have to get a good angle to know it’s a see through 🙂

    Then Yul! my gosh! Yul! she is soooo hot in black! she is rockin’ it! Chic~
    Lastly, i love HyoHyun’s friendship.. so opposite but they match well 😀 😀 and their height difference screams! 😀 😀

    Love Seo’s outfit. especially her shoes! Pretty baby Seo!

  • Ahhh… so pretty ^^ Our Goddess looks amazing with short hair… HER CLOTHES OMG ^-^

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