201007 Private Lives Press Conference

200117 BIOTHERM Life Plankton Elixir Anti Aging Serum Launch Event

190926 Lancôme Absolue Collection Event

190407 Lee Jung Hyun Wedding

190325 Memories Of A Dead End Premiere & Press Conference

190115 Seungil Hope Foundation Charity Bazaar

181107 2018 Jeju International Citrus Expo

181103 Pet Registration Campaign

181030 Prime Minister Citation “Day of Finances” Ceremony

181018 Rampant Premiere

180921 2018 Jeju International Citrus Expo

180803 2018 Pet Seoul Kaha Expo Launch Event

180720 “Time” Press Conference

180521 Korean Unification Education Ambassador Appointment

180331 Pyongyang Performance Press Conference

180326 Seven Years of Night Premiere

180211 Samjiyeon Orchestra Performance

171209 Unforgettable Gala 2017

171130 Pantene Talk Show

171121 The Age Of Blood Premiere

171105 “Bad Thief Good Thief” Wrap-up Party

170603 City Forestiva Maeil Duyu Talk Show

170512 Thief, Mr. Thief Press Conference

170430 Pantene Event in Bangkok

170426 Happiness Alliance Signing Event

170311 Pantene Hong Kong Promotional Event

170117 Ruby Ruby Love Press Conference

170112 Cooperation Premiere

161231 MBC Gayo Daejejeon Red Carpet

161210 Casio Baby-G Itaewon Store Grand Opening

161101 Split Premiere

161024 Pantene Shenzhen Promotional Event

160824 Moon Lovers – Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Press Conference

160804 Pantene Product Launch Event

160731 KCON in Los Angeles Red Carpet

160725 Operation Chromite premiere

160705 Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Wrapup Party

160629 Canvas The Emperor press conference

160627 So I Married An Anti-Fan press conference

160518 So I Married An Anti-Fan premiere

160503 Phantom Detective premiere

160412 Time Renegades premiere

160321 Glory Day premiere

160131 Phantasia Concert in Bangkok press conference

160119 China Kakaotalk “Talk The Game” event

160112 Mamma Mia Musical press conference

160105 Mood Of The Day premiere

151230 KBS Gayo Daechukje red carpet

151227 SBS Gayo Daejeon red carpet

151122 Phantasia Concert in Seoul press conference

151027 Louis Quatorze 35th anniversary event

150721 Channel SoShi press conference

150423 Louis Quatorze Music Drama VIP Premiere

150406 Revivre premiere

141226 KBS Gayo Daechukje red carpet

141031 LG U+ iPhone 6 launch event

140917 Dongguk University PR Ambassador Appointment Event

140828 My Brilliant Life premiere

140822 The TaeTiSeo press conference

140729 The Pirates premiere

140320 Baby-G 20th anniversary party

131119 Dongguk University Scholarship Fund Donation Event

131025 No Breathing Premiere

131010 Syrian Children Help Charity Concert

130923 Passionate Love press conference

130904 Despicable Me 2 premiere

130827 LG Twins first pitch

130709 Mr. Go premiere

130529 Tommy Hilfiger Launch Party

130311 GI Joe 2 premiere

130102 Lotte SMTown Popup Store Event

110927 Woongjin Coway Beautiful Auction

090404 Rose of Sharon Seeding Sharing Event

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