210430 So I Married An Anti-Fan Press Conference

210429 Jeonju International Film Festival

210201 New Year Blues Press Conference

201216 Run On Press Conference

201201 New Year Blues Press Conference

200129 Tell Me What You Saw Press Conference

191108 Withbom Film Festival

191025 OCN Thriller House Event

190816 K World Festa

190606 Muju Film Festival – Memories of a Dead End Greeting

190605 Muju Film Festival Opening

190512 Miss & Mrs. Cops Stage Greeting

190511 Miss & Mrs. Cops Stage Greeting

190507 Miss & Mrs. Cops CGV Star Live Talk

190427 Amie Market Store Visit

190420 Good Consumer Market Beaming Effect Event

190419 Girl Cops V Live Movie Talk

190413 Memories of a Dead End Fantastic Cube Stage Greeting

190406 Memories Of A Dead End Library Talk

190325 Memories Of A Dead End Premiere & Press Conference

190129 The Poem, My Old Mother Premiere

181213 Memories of a Dead End Stage Greeting

181115 2018 Tour du Cinéma Français

181107 2018 Seoul Barrier Free Film Festival Opening

181006 BIFF Memories of a Dead End Guest Visit

181004 Busan International Film Festival Red Carpet

180903 Seoul International Drama Awards

180823 Tiffany & Co. “Tiffany Paper Flowers” Collection Launch Event

180820 Cadillac House Seoul Opening

180502 Hamilton Watch 100th Anniversary Event

180309 The Man Who Sets The Table Wrapup Party

180223 Beaming Effect Amie Market

180207 SK-II Pyeongchang Limited Edition Launch Event

180116 Anna Karenina Musical Premiere

180115 Keys to the Heart Premiere

171220 Disability Awareness Ambassador Appointment Ceremony

171216 Echo Mind Charity Event

170906 SK-II A Bottle of Pittera Campaign Launch Event

170830 The Man Who Sets The Table Press Conference

170824 Cadillac House Seoul Opening

170731 A Person You Could Know Press Conference

170523 Day of Recovery from Rare Illness

170113 Beaming Effect Charity Concert

170112 Cooperation Premiere

161222 MNET & tvN Golden Tambourine

161219 Mister Premiere

161123 My Annoying Brother Premiere

161122 Derailed Premiere

160912 The Magnificent Seven Premiere

160807 Tax Team 38 Wrapup Party

160615 Tax Team 38 Press Conference

160412 Time Renegades Premiere

160319 Beaming Effect Charity Auction Event

160131 Phantasia Concert in Bangkok Press Conference

151227 SBS Gayo Daejeon Red Carpet

151128 KRPS Charity Music Festival

150815 SMTOWN The Stage

150721 Channel SoShi Press Conference

150519 Culture Tourism Ceremony

150201 Charity Auction

141226 KBS Gayo Daechukje Red Carpet

141221 SBS Award Festival – Hanbam Greeting Stage

141220 KRPS Charity Music Festival

140904 Springday of My Life Press Conference

140715 2014 Miss Korea Pageant Competition

140320 Baby-G 20th anniversary party

131215 SMTOWN Hologram Live in Universal Studios Japan

131205 Women in Film Festival

130811 Lee Jong-hyuk Fanmeeting

130729 Snowpiercer Red Carpet

130718 Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival

130522 Dating Agency – Cyrano Press Conference

130126 Wonder Girls Sunye’s Wedding

130102 Lotte SMTown Popup Store

121216 Hong Rok-gi’s Wedding

121204 Evolution of Casio Event in Seoul

121024 The Peachtree Premiere

120601 Midnight TV Entertainment Press Conference

110927 Woongjin Coway Beautiful Auction

101025 2010 G20 Seoul Summit

090404 Rose of Sharon Seedling Sharing Event

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