190609 A Walk To Remember Fansign

180916 Lil’ Touch Fansign

180721 H.Connect Fansign Event in Singapore

180705 DB Insurance Fansign Event

So Wonderful Day Fanmeeting

170813 IFC Mall Fansign Event

170811 Lotte World Mall Fansign Event

170805 10th Anniversary Fanmeeting

170722 H-Connect Fanmeeting in Taiwan

170113 Blossom Fanmeeting in Taiwan

161202 H-Connect Fansign Event

160730 Blossom Fanmeeting in Shanghai

160724 Blossom Fanmeeting in Chongqing

160702 Blossom Fanmeeting in Guangzhou

160625 Blossom Fanmeeting in Beijing

160623 Casio Baby-G “Beach Glamping” fansign event

Blossom China Fanmeeting

151024 Lovcat fansign event

150827 Lion Heart Daejeon fansign event

150104 Guangzhou, China fanmeeting

150103 Shanghai, China fanmeeting

141129 Beijing, China fanmeeting

141127 Lotte Mall fansign event

141121 Nanjing, China fanmeeting

140930 Shenzhen, China fanmeeting

140726 Yoona And I fanmeeting

140316 Mr. Mr. fansign event

140314 Mr. Mr. fansign event

131101 Lotte Mall 34th anniversary fansign

130126 I Got A Boy Fansign Event

130125 COEX Fansign Event

121115 LG Electronics fansign

120901 Look Fansign Event

110423 Samsung Fanmeeting in Beijing

100221 Hottracks Fansign Event

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