201210 Hush Press Conference

200701 Mise en Scène Film Festival

191213 Jello Chat Brand Representative Press Conference

191211 International Film Festival & Awards Macao Press Conference

191004 EXIT Opening Talk at Busan International Film Festival

191003 Busan International Film Festival Red Carpet

190815 EXIT CGV Seoul Stage Greetings

190814 EXIT Lotte Cinema Stage Greeting

190814 EXIT Thank You Showcase Event

190811 EXIT CGV Seoul Stage Greetings

190810 EXIT CGV Stage Greetings

190806 EXIT Megatalk

190804 EXIT CGV Daegu Stage Greeting

190803 EXIT Busan Stage Greeting

190731 EXIT Live Chat

190730 EXIT Star Live Talk

190728 EXIT Press Conference Stage Greeting

190724 EXIT Stage Greeting

190717 EXIT Showcase

190717 EXIT Press Preview Event

190628 Innisfree Gangnam Flagship Store Opening

190627 EXIT Press Conference

190423 Lay’s Taiwan Spicy Series Press Conference

190330 Innisfree #WHydration Event in Singapore

190208 Hyundai Department Store Duty Free 100th Day Anniversary

181101 Hyundai Department Store Duty-Free Shop Grand Opening

181014 Wonju DB Promy vs Seoul Samsung Thunders Basketball Match

180917 The Negotiation Premiere

180903 My Art Crocs Event

180707 So Wonderful Day Fanmeeting in Bangkok Press Conference

180703 Honor Society Blue House Luncheon

180618 Safety Ambassador Appointment Ceremony

180608 Innisfree My Foundation To Go Bar

180403 Crocs LiteRide Launch Event

180326 Seven Years of Night Premiere

180312 Be With You Premiere

171208 Marianas International Film Festival

171120 The Swindlers Premiere

171012 Busan International Film Festival

170929 Innisfree Event in Jakarta

170925 Crocs Styling Day

170724 The King Loves Press Conference

170703 The King Love Showcase

170703 The King Love Press Conference

170404 Crocs Campaign Launch Show

170210 Innisfree Festa in Vietnam

170116 Cooperation Showcase

170112 Cooperation VIP Premiere

170110 Cooperation Drama Media Premiere

161219 Mister Premiere

161216 Cooperation Drama Press Conference

161210 Casio Baby-G Itaewon Store Grand Opening

161207 Women in Film Korea Festival

161122 Derailed Premiere

161112 The K2 Wrapup Party

161111 The K2 5% Rating Event

160923 The K2 Pre-Screening

160920 The K2 Press Conference

160808 Innisfree Press Conference

160801 Lee Jeans Product Launch Event

160731 God of War Zhao Yun Game Event

160620 The Truth Beneath premiere

160518 Alibaba Planet Conference

160425 Innisfree Popup Store opening

160409 Star Zone press conference

160330 God of War Zhao Yun press conference

160131 Phantasia Concert in Bangkok press conference

160118 Thinking of Elder Brother premiere

151230 KBS Gayo Daechukje red carpet

151227 SBS Gayo Daejeon red carpet

151216 Li Yi-feng’s “Please Contact Me” MV press conference

151205 2016 iQiYi All-Star Carnival

151021 2015 KBO League 1st Pitch

151019 The Phone premiere

150919 Beijing Innisfree Bicycle Tour

150805 Miss Wife premiere

150721 Channel SoShi press conference

150529 Jung-gu Culture Night Festival

150430 God of War Zhao Yun press conference

150423 IRS 2015 Ambassador Ceremony

150303 49th Taxpayers’ Day

150224 Graduation day

150115 Innisfree Store event in Shanghai

141226 KBS Gayo Daechukje red carpet

141127 Unicef Unihero Campaign

140927 Innisfree Play Green Festival

140917 Dongguk University PR Ambassador Appointment Event

140729 The Pirates premiere

140320 Baby-G 20th anniversary party

140212 Alcon Freshlook Illuminate launch event

131204 Prime Minister And I press conference

131025 No Breathing premiere

130729 SKT LTE event

130709 Mr. Go premiere

130506 Boomerang Family Premiere

130113 Gag Concert

130102 Lotte SMTown Popup Store

121024 The Peachtree premiere

120824 577 Project Premiere

120711 5 Million Dollar Man Premiere

120322 Love Rain press conference

110927 Woongjin Coway Beautiful Auction

110917 Love Request Blood Drive

110819 Visit Korea Year Event

101025 2010 G20 Seoul Summit

091208 Global Union Well of Life Ambassador Entrustment Ceremony

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