As you may have heard, this GGPM has filed a lot DMCA claims on their photos posted on this site, 5 so far as of 2022-09-03 09:59 UTC+7. Below are the claims:

I’ve spent so much time running the entire site, saving new pics, upload to and update the site over the past 6 years, costing me so far no less than several hundred dollars. That’s monthly payment for VPS and annual domain name renewal. And since the beginning I have not received a single cent by running the site through whatever payment method, and there is never a single ad (look through of this site over the years to verify). Yet overall it’s a rather thankless job as theses claims can attest.

Also if you argue that I should get permissions before posting them, then every fansite of every fandom should do the same as well, and clearly this isn’t the case. It’s not as if they make money out of this, nor do I. I’ve been into photography about a year since before making this site, even earned from it at one point, and just a few months ago had to fight a local school that used a photo of my own making for commercial purposes. I almost called a lawyer at that point but ultimately didn’t, so what does GGPM have to gain by filing these claims? Only loss of respect.

Tecnically I can remove every GGPM photo from the site to comply with the claims, but who would want to take the time shifting through almost 100GB of photos looking for one specific watermark? Who has many hours of free time every day as a working adult? Plus due to Soshi’s inactivity as a group for so many years, my music taste also vastly changed – to Lovelyz, other K-pop girl groups, classical, jazz and more. Forever 1 also clearly did not change my mind about this.

From this point there will not be new photos saved – I will upload the pics I still have that haven’t been uploaded to the site (this will only be visible in the pictures directory link below, not in the site) but that’s it. This site will be kept running until some time around 11 Octobre 2022, to give you folks some time to get everything before it’s gone. You will need to use HTTrack, below is the link to the pictures directory where HTTrack can go through and save:

Windows guide is here. On Linux and macOS, HTTrack is apparently available only in command line without GUI.

    • Most Linux distros’ package managers already has HTTrack.
      sudo apt-get install httrack, or whatever your package manager is.
    • macOS users need to install Homebrew or MacPorts first. If you don’t have either already installed, the HTTrack download page above has links going to the respective package managers.
    • Once you have it installed:
      • Create a new directory somewhere to keep the files
      • Open the terminal
      • Go to the newly created directory: cd /path/to/directory – you can also type cd then drag the directory from GUI into the terminal window
      • Start the process: httrack --clean
      • In case the process is stopped for whatever reason, cd to the same directory and run: httrack --continue

In the directory on your computer, you should see the folder structure and some random files like index.html, this is expected. If there is any change made later at the server side, HTTrack will save the changes without starting over. For the sake of bandwidth, please don’t add, delete or modify any file or directory inside your computer’s folder – copy out but don’t make changes, at least as long as the site is still running.

Any questions, contact me at [email protected], or Twitter. The email is also hosted on the same server so that works only when the server is running.

10 comments on “This site’s fate – and how to save the remaining library

  • It would be a shame to lose a great job of many years, my question is; Why is not all the content of photographs saved in GOOGLE DRIVE?

  • Man it’s such a shame. Shame on them, actually. I’ll miss your website. Thanks for providing us with HQ soshi pics

  • Have you tried reaching out to the owner through other channels like Twitter or email on their website? Maybe someone on their team is overreacting by issuing those DMCA requests.

    Requests are most likely unwarranted. Owner posts images publicly, does it not fall as fair use case, since there is no profiting involved and watermark is untouched.

    You don’t need to go through all library by yourself, ULRs are included in requests.
    They do the work of finding what to remove.
    Some photos have GGPM in names, that should be easy to find and remove.
    It is not that deep as “destroying evidence”.

    Unless you don’t want to run website anymore and this is a tipping point.

    • Technically yes I can fight the DMCA claims (I did for the first one), but I do not see it as worth my time anymore – it’s been no less than 10 claims so far. You may say I’m also overreacting by deciding to shut down rather than deal with the claims, but the reality is I’d need to go through almost 100GB picture by picture (can’t just find by filenames since they aren’t consistent), note down the filenames, delete from the server, then delete the links from the sites. I don’t see the purpose of wasting potentially 100 hours to sort this out in a clean way, and this site has always been a one-person project. And in all honesty, their attitude already made me move away from the fandom altogether – for medical reasons I can’t have stress in my life and this one is clearly not worth my time dealing with.

      Someone might be willing to take over the site, I’m willing to hand it over if there is, but I doubt they will want to deal with the mess, on top of the technical parts of actually finding the pictures, uploading, updating the pages and the running the site as a whole.

  • NOO! Gosh, if something truly happens to this site i just want you to know that this is my no. 1 site for soshi pics and i want to thank you for your hard work, ive been a visitor here for years <33

  • This has been the best website regarding SNSD and they’re 1 of the reasons I got into Kpop. I’m so sorry your hard work is not in consideration to others I just wanted to Thank You and Appreciate that you still update Soshi till the end!😭👍💗

  • Aww this makes me really sad, this site is the most organized Soshi site I know. Plus it really makes me find and get all the Taeyeon pictures that I need. Huhuhu. Thank you admin nim!

  • no… ,i really like this site, i save most of the taeyeon picture from here.
    it is well organized and the picture quality is also high,
    no need to find picture from each of the fansite.
    thank a lot for your contribution and effort.

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